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One Color Animated L.E.D. Signs

Programmable L.E.D. Signs:


Available in Full Color or Single Color

We have got you covered for any business sales event with the rental of a Mobile Programmable L.E.D. Sign.  These eye catching video billboards will pull in the people for all of your Grand Opening events or concert promotions!


Our animated LED Signs are able to be programmed for daily specials or can display the same lines day after day.  We have used these trailer signs for major fairs, hotels, car dealers, birthday parties, special events, going out of business sales and even grand re-openings.  Do you need a full color LED Sign to rent until your permanent sign is installed?  Call Us to Rent one today!  Need to buy a custom L.E.D. Sign to permanently display in your storefront?  We can sell you one!  From the Southeast trailer sign rentals to the USA sales of programmable signs we can get you a price to fit your advertising budget.  Rent from us and see why we have a huge list of repeat customers who like our signs and love our customer service.


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We can provide an L.E.D. Sign for your display at a trade show or convention to help draw more customers.  Animated electronic signs are the way to go!  You can program them to display your specials and let customer know that you're ready for business.  Advertising airtime is what you want and we have the best BANG for your BUCK!  Need to lease a long term sign, buy a custom sign or rent for the weekend-- we have it all!







Sky Tracker Florida Rents Mobile Animated L.E.D. Signs in Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Meyers, Daytona, Miami and Throughout the Entire State of Florida. LED Sign Rentals are Also Available in the Following States: Georgia, South Carolina & Alabama. If You Want an Outdoor Marketing Tool That is Eye Catching and Will Draw More Attention to Your Next Big Sale, Call Us Today! We  Rent and Sell Animated Mobile L.E.D. Signs!


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